Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Nirvana on the Way to Almost-Thanksgiving Work

I'm having lunch with my mother today. She is really such a delight. I hope that she always retains the mischievous and good-hearted energy she has now. I'm experimenting with confiding in her more; it doesn't seem to be backfiring quite yet. We'll see how that goes.

Over 40,000 words on my novel! And only six days to go. Yikes. But 10k in six days only requires me to write the standard nanowrimo minimum per day - 1667. I'm definitely going to do more than that, so I should come out ahead! Oh joy, oh delight.

I'm going to Tim's parents for a short (really!) time this Thursday. I've never been to a guy's parents for this holiday before. In fact, most of my relationships over the last 10 years of dating have faded out by fall, and I had the holiday season to think about what I'd done. Ha. Then it's off to Willis to celebrate with my aunt and cousins, whose darling company I always enjoy.

This cheese-filled post was brought to you by Sarah having too much energy to sit still and code her invoices.

Very truly yours,

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