Friday, October 30, 2009

Wedding Registries

Here they are! (Because I know you've been totally freaking out with anticipation.)

Changing the Present

I am planning to mention IKEA gift cards too. Here's the couch we want:By the way, all these are secrets. Shh! Don't tell ANYONE.

Very truly yours,

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Borges is Awesome

My philosophy teacher was telling us about Jorge Luis Borges the other day, and I just looked him up.

"Borges...employed two very unusual literary forms: the literary forgery and the review of an imaginary work. Both constitute a form of modern pseudo-epigrapha."

"At times, confronted with an idea for a work that bordered on the conceptual, rather than write a piece that fulfilled the concept, he wrote a review of a nonexistent work, as if it had already been created by some other person."
In Dr. Martin's words, Borges would "come up with fascinating ideas for books, but was too lazy to write them. So he just reviewed them as though they had already been written." Brilliant. This guy has given me a gateway to literary laze and creativity. Yay!
Also, it is Tim's birthday and I am planning a birthday surprise! I sure love that guy.
Very truly yours,

Friday, October 2, 2009

Regular Friday Stuff

1. My gums are still sore from dentist shots.
2. I'm getting married January 9th!
3. Tim is moving in two weeks (gasp).
4. My first paper of the semester is due in three days.
5. Greek Festival last night was WORTH IT.

You know, just typical end-of-week stuff.