Friday, May 29, 2009

Wrapping Things UP

One vacation down, one to go! Last week, Timothy and I flew to Colorado for a week, where we did everything you can do there in 7 days. (In short, we conquered the state.) Next week, my mom and I will fly to Nashville and see my sister and brother-in-law, the fabulous Rebecca and Robert.

Speaking of Robert, yesterday I read Robert's first novel from last year, Noisome Beasts. I highly recommend it! It's a quick read and is HILARIOUS. Makes me miss his old short stories, what for Rebecca and I read and discovered Young Master Chatham. (Is he a Mister now that he's married? I think the title "Master" is for young men.)

I am selling my cello and its professional case! If you know anyone who would like to purchase it, TELL ME NOW. It's $700, which is outrageous and reasonable at the same time. I put it on craigslist, and got a few responses but nothing realistic. I also put my school books on there, which is where I got most of them in the first place. Actually, my apartment is also on there right now, and a couple other apartments down the hall from me that I put up as a favor to my landlady. Craigslist is a cool tool, baby. I just wish people would BUY things. Come on, Houston!

For a couple weeks there, I was using Facebook. But then, upon telling a classmate that I'd had a piano recital that morning, he replied, "I know; I saw it on Facebook." Too much weird. I've gone off Facebook since then. I may write what I'm doing on here, but at least I know no one reads it but like two people. Ha. One. Hi, Rebecca.

I'm getting excited about putting up a website. I'd really like it to be a sort of community page, and hope to ask some of my favorite people to write articles and things for it. We'll see. Kind of a like a friends- and admired-people-only collaboration/contribution site. Who knows. I'm going to plan it out on paper, then try to stuff HTML and CSS back into my head (it fell out years ago; I used to be able to whip up a web page in 15 minutes on any idea I had that day). RADIANT BRAINS!

I guess that's all I can ask you to read for now. Except this: I saw Star Trek last night and I LIKED IT! (That's my cue to run away squealing.)

Very truly yours,

Monday, May 11, 2009

Boiled Eggs are Delicious!

Hello everyone!

I just finished my English lit final, and am home eating a lunch of boiled eggs and pickles. Isn't that disgusting? It's delicious. I'm also listening to Cat Stevens... my record player hasn't been getting a lot of use lately, as I've been flitting around from school to work to Timothy's to Spring to wherever!

Finally found a place on Graustark, about five blocks away from St. Thomas. I'll be living by myself, unless I find someone to live in my living room. Ha. But really. It's not too bad for the price, and it's only a six-month lease, so I'll reassess at the end of the semester. But that means I'll be moving in a month, and in that time I'll also be out of town for a week in Colorado and three days in Nashville! When am I going to pack? If anyone in town wants to help organize, pack, move, or just has boxes, I ACCEPT. And I love you. I will pay you in hugs and possibly Pink's Pizza.

I also found out that I may have the opportunity to take on a second minor in English literature. I'm really stoked about this, and plan to ditch the Catholic Teachings class this fall for a class on Tolkien instead. (I can have a Summer of Religion next year and take both required theology classes back to back. Maybe.) Goody daisies!

For the rest of the day, I have a piano jury and then a history final, and two more finals on Wednesday. Whew... I thought this semester would never end. That's OK... and it seems like this summer is going to be educationally easy enough. As always, we'll see.

Hope you guys are having a great Monday!

Very truly yours,

Friday, May 1, 2009

Congratulations to me!

My work just gave me a surprise mini-party with a chocolate cake and ice cream in congratulations to my being accepted to St. Thomas. They're all so nice. It's hard to find a really nice group of ladies to work with, as I'm sure some of you know.

In other news, my schedule is set up for this summer and this fall! I'm taking the following classes at HCC this summer:

Session I:
Public Speaking
Government II

Session II:
Art History I
Local and World Geography

And these are the classes I'm taking this fall at St. Thomas:

Teachings of the Catholic Church
Ancient World History
Ancient Philosophy
Medieval and Imperial Russia

Hooray! I'm majoring in History, and minoring in Russian Studies. I need a whole lot more electives than I thought, so I will most likely be there five semesters, plus maybe a summer. This is OK, as long as I'm allowed to learn about History I will be happy.

As far as apartments go, I'm moving away from the idea of a roommate... I have been looking at one bedrooms again, and have another scheduled to look at tomorrow. I'd really like to be able to walk to school! Is this so much to ask for? To help finance this extravagance, I'm considering giving myself a loan. What do I mean by this? I'M SO GLAD YOU ASKED.

I started considering taking out an additional private loan to help with living expenses this fall, and then I slapped myself in the face and was like, "Hey, remember how you have thousands of dollars in savings? What is wrong with you?" (OK, I didn't really slap myself in the face, and I only have a few thousand.) So I am taking into consideration the concept of giving myself a grant from my savings and only using that set amount over the course of the school year. It sounds logical; can anyone think of any drawbacks besides touching savings money that doesn't want me to touch it like that? Ha ha ha. Hm.

I have a sushi dinner planned tonight with my knitting buddy, Jill. We're celebrating her finished-in-thirty-days, one-hundred page script for Script Frenzy! It's a pretty big accomplishment. I will then possibly see this play for free, entitled "Gold", at Miller Outdoor Theatre. I think it's going to be hilarious. Take care of yourselves!

Yours very truly,