Monday, May 11, 2009

Boiled Eggs are Delicious!

Hello everyone!

I just finished my English lit final, and am home eating a lunch of boiled eggs and pickles. Isn't that disgusting? It's delicious. I'm also listening to Cat Stevens... my record player hasn't been getting a lot of use lately, as I've been flitting around from school to work to Timothy's to Spring to wherever!

Finally found a place on Graustark, about five blocks away from St. Thomas. I'll be living by myself, unless I find someone to live in my living room. Ha. But really. It's not too bad for the price, and it's only a six-month lease, so I'll reassess at the end of the semester. But that means I'll be moving in a month, and in that time I'll also be out of town for a week in Colorado and three days in Nashville! When am I going to pack? If anyone in town wants to help organize, pack, move, or just has boxes, I ACCEPT. And I love you. I will pay you in hugs and possibly Pink's Pizza.

I also found out that I may have the opportunity to take on a second minor in English literature. I'm really stoked about this, and plan to ditch the Catholic Teachings class this fall for a class on Tolkien instead. (I can have a Summer of Religion next year and take both required theology classes back to back. Maybe.) Goody daisies!

For the rest of the day, I have a piano jury and then a history final, and two more finals on Wednesday. Whew... I thought this semester would never end. That's OK... and it seems like this summer is going to be educationally easy enough. As always, we'll see.

Hope you guys are having a great Monday!

Very truly yours,

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