Friday, May 29, 2009

Wrapping Things UP

One vacation down, one to go! Last week, Timothy and I flew to Colorado for a week, where we did everything you can do there in 7 days. (In short, we conquered the state.) Next week, my mom and I will fly to Nashville and see my sister and brother-in-law, the fabulous Rebecca and Robert.

Speaking of Robert, yesterday I read Robert's first novel from last year, Noisome Beasts. I highly recommend it! It's a quick read and is HILARIOUS. Makes me miss his old short stories, what for Rebecca and I read and discovered Young Master Chatham. (Is he a Mister now that he's married? I think the title "Master" is for young men.)

I am selling my cello and its professional case! If you know anyone who would like to purchase it, TELL ME NOW. It's $700, which is outrageous and reasonable at the same time. I put it on craigslist, and got a few responses but nothing realistic. I also put my school books on there, which is where I got most of them in the first place. Actually, my apartment is also on there right now, and a couple other apartments down the hall from me that I put up as a favor to my landlady. Craigslist is a cool tool, baby. I just wish people would BUY things. Come on, Houston!

For a couple weeks there, I was using Facebook. But then, upon telling a classmate that I'd had a piano recital that morning, he replied, "I know; I saw it on Facebook." Too much weird. I've gone off Facebook since then. I may write what I'm doing on here, but at least I know no one reads it but like two people. Ha. One. Hi, Rebecca.

I'm getting excited about putting up a website. I'd really like it to be a sort of community page, and hope to ask some of my favorite people to write articles and things for it. We'll see. Kind of a like a friends- and admired-people-only collaboration/contribution site. Who knows. I'm going to plan it out on paper, then try to stuff HTML and CSS back into my head (it fell out years ago; I used to be able to whip up a web page in 15 minutes on any idea I had that day). RADIANT BRAINS!

I guess that's all I can ask you to read for now. Except this: I saw Star Trek last night and I LIKED IT! (That's my cue to run away squealing.)

Very truly yours,


Lauren said...

I really need a vacation... it sounds like you had a good one.

And yes Facebook is a little creepy.

Thanks for volunteering to help. Please fill out the following form and I'll get it in the mail for you on Monday.

Thank you!!!

Rebecca said...

1) I want to see more pictures!!

2) Everyone is saying they like the Star Trek movie! Ah! I guess we need to see it. We watched Coraline this morning - it was amazing.

Gabbi said...

Make that 3 people! :)

I love craigslist but I tend to get lost in it. And my searches don't always turn out right. (Wish I knew how to play the cello)

Really liked 'Star Trek' too. Surprisingly good wasn't it?

Have a great trip...

Lisa said...

Me too! I read it toooo!!

The word verification word I have to type in is "pance," my NEW FAVORITE WORD!