Wednesday, February 25, 2009

School Day!

I woke up today and didn't know what day it is. This always happens when I have a weird schedule. I'm not doing my lit class work, and I skipped environmental science. I'm practically a delinquent. After getting up, I ate a muffin and played four mahjongg games. Now I'm just fooling around with Poladroid and avoiding glances at the clock.

I one hundred percent plan to get over my nervousness asking people for their photograph today. I will! will! will! get some fashion photos for my other blog. I simply must! The picture of me in that awesome coat should be good enough to start with.

In other news, I got a 22" monitor last night, which Tim installed for me. Soon I'll get a whole new computer for now reason! Yay! Also, I'm trying to keep up with my swap-bot swaps, and finding that I probably signed up for too much at once (what else is new).

Speaking of over-extending myself, I am considering giving lectures this fall on correct diction at the Heights Library. Would that be too awkward? I feel qualified in reality, but I'm certainly not on paper. But it would be free, for the general community, and really obscure to begin with. Thoughts on this?

The other day I had a really wonderful picnic, and I thought I'd share a shot of it with you. I always picnic at the cemetery down the freeway from my workplace, since it's the only green place in Greenspoint. The weather was absolutely brilliant, and I laid out my blanket in the half-sunlit, half-shade under a tree and near a little girl's grave. The sun was warm, but the breeze was nice and icy. Yay! Will do again as soon as possible.

Yours very truly,

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope all of you have a wonderful Valentine's Day tomorrow with your loved one or with yourself. Just to let you all know, this is probably my least favorite holiday. I've almost never had a boyfriend during it, and we're doing our taxes together tomorrow night and he's cooking me dinner. ENDLESSLY romantic. I know you all envy me.

Yours very truly,

PS - Cute free Valentines available here!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Television Night!

Tonight is television night, where I go to Timothy's and we watch the Office and Lost. I usually have to see about 10 minutes worth of commercials a week on this schedule, and I would like to make an official statement: Commercials are horrid. I can't believe anyone can stand watching more than 10 minutes of them a week. As it is, I barely survive. Ahem.

I recently discovered swap-bot! IT'S THE COOLEST THING EVER. I have to drag myself away from the site to do anything else with my life. Please take notice of it, but try not to become too addicted. And note that international swaps can be expensive - it was $16 to mail a package to Finland the other day, and it couldn't have been more than about 4 lb.

On a completely different note, can anyone give me a simplified explanation as to when one would use the word "like" and when one would use the word "as"? I know what these words are, I know where to use them, I know I know I know. But when I was helping Imane (of Morocco) study for the TOEFL, she was asking about that and I couldn't think of a way to explain - I could only think of example sentences.

While I was brushing my teeth last night (at 1:30 AM, ugh), it finally dawned on me - the difference between people who don't care about spoilers and those who want to kill you if you let anything slip. I hate someone spoiling the end of something for me because all I care about is the storyline. But people like my dad and Timothy don't care, because they're watching/reading for quality. Does this make sense to you guys? Which type are you?

The swarmer termites are back at work again! Needless to say, I'm disgusted. Come on, guys. At least I'm leaving in a few minutes for lunch with darling Mom.

Very truly yours,