Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Shout Out to Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla, as pointed out to me just today by my best friend, Lisa, is the ulitmate genius, mad scientist. Kudos to you, Nikola.

Discussion on MLA Citation: Who hates this and who likes this? Of late, I can barely seem to resist putting a WORKS CITED at the end of ridiculous places - most notably, in emails to my brother-in-law, Robert. I think giving credit is fabulous, and the MLA way is just the classiest of all. Alternately, it could be the case that I just finished a three week class in which six research papers requiring MLA citation were due. It's possible. Maybe.

Because I've earned seven As in as many months at the humble Houston Community College, I've decided to treat myself this spring with a week in Boulder, CO. I'll let you know more as my plans develop. In other news, I went to the dentist yesterday, and had some work done. I'll say this for the UT Dental School - they sure are thorough. Geez, I'm not getting away with anything at that place.

Street fashion blog update: I've got my business cards, I've got my camera, I have the photo release forms ready to print... and I'm still at square one. This is because I'm a certified pansy. Please encourage me (read: ask me about it and irritate me until I get it started).

Very truly yours,

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Rebecca said...

I will allow you to take my picture and pretend you don't know me if that will help! It could be a good jumping off point. :)