Monday, July 6, 2009

Summer Times!

Back from a long weekend, and boy is it apparent. Three days is good for a weekend, and I got enough done to feel like it was worth it. Sorta. Ha.

I found this great picture of a fashion show, and was thinking 'Man... red is such a spiffy color on guys.' It's true you know. Timothy said he'd try some red, but not some sweaters. Boo!

Here is the new Chubby's Cruisers bike that I am about to order! Isn't it MAGNIFICENT? It's a little steep for my budget, but since I'm like 4 blocks or less from everything (except work) now, I think I'll save big by biking around the Montrose instead of driving (or making Tim pick me up, har har).

It was Zazie's birthday on July 4th! She is one year old. The girl she is staying with, Kaitlynn, snapped this shot of her next to a lovely birthday cake. Adorable.

The summer is flying by! Very hectic! And only a month and a half away from my Pop-up Vintage Shop at Sew Crafty, by the grace of the wonderful Sarah Gabbart. More on that later.

Good-by, darlings!


Rebecca said...

Hey, *I* need that bike! But if I get a bike, Robert will make me wear a helmet. :(

I'm so glad Kaitlynn is taking care of Zazie! When do you get her back?

Sew Crafty looks so awesome - I wish I could hang out there!

Gabbi said...

Very much agree with red on guys! The handsomest guy I ever dated was named 'Dennis' and he was extremely dapper in what he wore... he's the only guy I ever dated who wore red. He had an awesome red sweater and also an amazing pink tie that he'd wear with a dark grey suit (but never at the same time as the sweater). So spiffy looking, but possibly gay? :)

I'm really jealous of Zazie... I want a pet porcupine! That face... ♥

You're having a pop-up shop? Please do give me a heads up... I'd love to see it!