Friday, March 6, 2009

Hair Curls!

I just don't understand it. Why is Johanna Ost so gorgeous?

Anyway, I'm wondering what I can do with my hair after I'm done hating it for the season. I recently cut some bangs in a fit of mistake-making, but fully intend to grow the rest of it out longer. But then I see pin curls like these and think, "Man I just HAD bangs that could have done that less than a week ago!"

Oh well.

I've made the decision to do Script Frenzy! This will be my first year. I don't think nearly as many people are involved with it as National Novel Writing Month, but that's OK... I wasn't very productive at write-ins anyhow!

This week, I applied to the University of St. Thomas, and am now considering other options besides Texas schools. One of the schools I am going to apply to for Spring '10 is Vanderbilt, in Nashville, TN. The tuition is about $40,000/yr, but they appear to have a very sweet financial aid program--they claim to pay 100% of the demonstrated financial aid in GRANTS and SCHOLARSHIPS, not loans. I'm fairly impressed. Of course, I'd have to get in. Eh.

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