Monday, December 29, 2008

Zazie, the Essayist

I wrote a research essay in two hours last night, with several breaks. This is because I had the help of hoglet (see photo). Not really. But I did really just submit this photo to Cute Overload, which is mind-blowing. But only if they post it. My Zazie, a star? Ohmygosh.

Have been surviving my winter schedule, but just barely. No more in-between-semesters classes. It helps that I have a great teacher, Robert Ford. They sure have some sort of bizarre mix in the faculty up at HCC. When told some of the essays we've read and analyzed so far (namely "The Case Against Coldplay" & "Why I Hate Britney"), a friend of mine responded with, "Who's picking these? Is your professor a 12-year-old girl?" Not really. But at least it's interesting.

My friend, Tina, is in town right now. She has been living in Japan for almost two years, and I am meeting her and another friend from JP class days, Jose, at Darband Persian Grill tonight to catch up. Really excited!

I finally got around to signing up for the Amigurumi 2 class at Sew Crafty. Miss Kelly Ekl and I are going to make crocheted sushi! (Last time was a cupcake. Mine looked like an acorn - after Tim was done with it anyway.)

Christmas was GREAT. I'm so glad it doesn't come again for a year. Here's to 2009! I'm going to the (always fabulous) New Year's party at the Foy house, along with my little sister, her husband and his little brother Justin. SUCH FUN. Cheers!

Yours very truly,

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Snow in Gunspoint!

Only one more class for this semester! My final for Biology doesn't bother me because I will almost inevitably get an A in that class because of my mysterious As on all previous tests. Go figure.

Things are going pretty good so far, for December. I've got all As, I'm staying pretty much caught up with work, I've got all my Christmas shopping done (except for ONE IMPOSSIBLE PERSON), it's snowing, and I have the next two days off! Kittens!

I met the girl from Morocco, Imane, that I am going to tutor in English grammar next semester. She and her husband are really sweet. Also hung out with Kelly EKL two nights in a row, and saw the Caroline Collective show. That's a cool place, no matter what Tim says. They put on a show once a month, and I will be sure to catch it.

Most boring post ever! What's your least favorite number to write? I've been polling everyone. Mine are five and eight.

Tim and I are watching the best movie right now, Baran. My favorite quote from it is a remark made in passing: "I saw you in a nightmare."

Later guys! Stay warm!

Yours very truly,